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BFFT Techblog: Divide and Conquer NURBS into Polylines

Topic: How to transform Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) into Polylines consisting of nodes and edges using an efficient Divide and Conquer approach. Recently I worked with a large scale high precision road network ... read more

Techblog_April 2017

BFFT Techblog: “Nearly” Real-Time Traffic-Analysis

Motivation In my last blog article “H2O, when should i go to work?” i showed how to build a random forest model using H2O in order to count the number of cars on an image. In ... read more


BFFT Techblog: 3D printing combination of flexible and rigid filaments

Subject: Combining different materials (filaments) to print an object with new characteristics. – How can 3D printing materials with different degrees of flexibility be used to present new application scenarios for fully ... read more


BFFT Techblog: High Voltage to C / Switched Current Source Precharge

Subject: Say good-bye to short circuits! – How to charge a high voltage capacitor without power loss. Motivation: Anyone who has ever tried to connect a capacitor to a running power supply unit ... read more


BFFT Techblog: Node how to Express yourself with Angular

Subject: How to develop an application for the visualization of real-time data using Node.js, AngularJS and Socket.IO. In the following I would like to briefly address the individual technologies and tools that ... read more

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