BFFT colleagues in the beer garden
BFFT Mitarbeiter from Regensburg

Bavarian Summer Festival at BFFT’s Location in Regensburg

From the specification of requirements to serial delivery — already since 2013, BFFT has been developing electrics/electronics for serial delivery in the automotive field. Because of the steady growth of the Regensburg location, the employees celebrated an unhurried summer festival in the beer garden on Friday, 7 July 2017 in order to network with one another once again.

It got started in the afternoon: a hike from the office along the Danube to the Prüfening castle gardens accompanied by a food transport truck was first on the agenda.

Arriving in the beer garden, every employee received a delicious snack with beverages. A small “Bavarian Olympiad” for the BFFTers was offered as a highlight. As part of this “Bavarian Olympiad”, even the new colleagues were able to make connections and celebrate on into the night in the beer garden.

In addition, a corporate run will be taking place in Regensburg on 12 July 2017 in which our colleagues in Regensburg will once again be taking part.