Firmenkontaktmesse CONNECTA Regensburg 2014
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Kompetente Job- & Karriereberatung

BFFT at the careers fair CONNECTA Regensburg 2014

The CONNECTA in Regensburg, after 19 successive years of staging, has since developed, from its early days with 22 participating companies, into a careers fair which regularly attracts over 140 exhibitors.  The fair will take place again in 2014 from 22 to 23 October at the University of Regensburg. As a result of the voluntary efforts of the students in the CONNECTA eV society it has been announced that this year more than 120 exhibitors will attend the fair.

Companies will be offering, on the one hand, topics for theses and, on the other, opportunities for internships, trainee positions or permanent posts for which the students and graduates at the Connecta Regensburg 2014 can apply. Both Audi and BFFT will have a stand and team representing them in the exhibition area. With our Series Software Development office located in the Regensburg Business Park, CONNECTA will provide BFFT with the ideal platform to interact directly with the students and inform them about career opportunities.