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BFFT still undefeated in “Beat the Boss”!

“Beat the Boss” was launched as a counterpart to the ProSieben game show “Schlag den Raab” by the two student clubs Student’s Life and ConsultIn at the Technical University of Ingolstadt (THI). In each round of the game, a THI student and a representative from a company in Ingolstadt and the surrounding area enter a duel. With a total of 15 matches in the areas of knowledge, skill, and sport, contestants must put their skills to the text in front of about 40-50 viewers. For each game won, the winner receives one point, and the first participant to reach eight points wins the round.

Of the three rounds played to date, BFFT has twice presented contestants from the Department of Recruiting who could decide the various matches in their favor. Since the winner is automatically set for the next “Beat the Boss” encounter, an employee of the Ingolstadt-based vehicle technician will be represented in the next duel this fall. The special thing about the initiative is that the student winner collects 100 Euro for the benefit of ConsultIn, and once a company representative wins the round, 100 Euro will be donated to a social institution in Ingolstadt. Thus, it is already clear that BFFT will be supported with 200 Euro, and chances are good that the amount will rise in the new semester. The two students who have competed against the recruiter in previous games are pleased to celebrate a lunch in the company cafeteria and corporate management at BFFT!

We are now eager to see who can decide the next match of “Beat the Boss” in the fall!