BFFT exhibit with Audi A1-etron traction battery
Experiencing electromobility - E-Trikkes
The Association of German Engineers
Audi A1-etron and Walter Schober
Dr. Christian Matzner
Traction batteries - the key for sustainable electromobility
Kurt Sigl and Walter Schober
Testing of an electric Segway

BFFT at the day of e-mobility in Ingolstadt

On May 4th the VDI invited for the 3rd day of e-mobility hosted by the University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt. BFFT is proud to be a partner of this exciting fair.

The idea of this day was:

  • Listening to experts
  • Get in touch with electric vehicles
  • Experience electric vehicles.

Besides the common exhibition, Dr. Christian Matzner, head of the department alternative drivetrain was giving a lecture about the issue “traction-batteries – the keyelement to sustainable e-mobility”. The Highlight of the BFFT exhibition was the “presentation-dummy” from the Audi A1-etron high voltage traction-battery.Besides the numerous visitors Walter Schober (president of the university Ingolstadt) and Kurt Sigl (president of the federal association of e-mobility “BME”) were at the face, too.