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JumpINCareer bei BFFT

BFFT at the JumpINCareer-event in Ingolstadt

The University of Ingolstadt consulting firm consult.IN e.V. organised a career event on 21st November in Seehaus Ingolstadt. At the JumpINCareer day, students from various disciplines were able to meet with various companies from the 10 region. Each company was given an opportunity to present themselves to students as an attractive employer through an individual program. Discussions in a relaxed atmosphere, exclusive workshops and a common general program allowed for meetings with up to 80 students in one day.

In all, there were three different pathways on the day (Business, Technology & IT) with 20-25 each. BFFT also participated at the JumpINCareer event, and offered interested students who took part in the “Technology” pathway a workshop on the theme of vehicle networking at BFFT headquarters.