Nacht der Bewerbung am 24. April
Vortrag Jubin Honarfar von whatchado
 Optimale Vorbereitung auf den Berufseinstiegan der Technischen Hochschule Ingolstadt
After-Workshopparty im Mensaanbau
Leuchtende Augen bei den Workshops

BFFT presents: The Candidacy Evening at the THI

On a first occasion, BFFT was presenting – in collaboration with the Careers’ Service of the Ingolstadt Polytechnic, ‘Consult.IN’ (the Student Careers’ Service of the Ingolstadt Polytechnic) and ‘Students‘ Live e.V.’ (Students Live, Reg. a students’ career initiative of the Ingolstadt Polytechnic) – ‘The Candidacy Evening’ on 24 April 2014. The evening included four workshops as well as an ‘impulse’ presentation by Mr. Jubin Honarfar (of whatchado GmbH (Inc.). The ‘Candidacy Evening’ was being held at the Ingolstadt Polytechnic for 85 interested outside third parties and students to provide optimum preparation for entering into occupational employment for the first time – whether via a practical work course, works’ student activities, or by direct application.

The ‘Candidacy Evening’ is being organised as follows:

17:00h to 17.30h: ‘Impulse’ Presentation by Mr. Jubin Honarfar (of whatchado GmbH)
17:45h to 18.15h: Workshop 1 – Own Presentations in the CV Databases (XING, LinkedIN, among others)
18:30h to 19.00h: Workshop 2 – Applications and/or CV optimisation
19:15h to 19.45h: Workshop 3 – Preparing for the First Interview
20:00h to 20:30h: Workshop 4 –Assessment Center Procedures
20:45 to open end: After-Workshopparty in the canteen