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The Professionals of Tomorrow: 10 years of professional training at BFFT

For 10 years now, BFFT has been providing training in the most wide-ranging disciplines. With an eye toward counteracting the skills shortage, training is taking place in both the industrial-technological and business areas. Besides businessmen and businesswomen trained in office management, trainees at the “slightly different” automotive technology developer (as we like to call ourselves) study in the fields of logistics, IT and truck mechatronics with emphasis on systems and high voltage technology.

In addition, BFFT is keeping a joint degree student busy; besides his studies at the Technical University of Ingolstadt, he is successfully completing an apprenticeship as a Truck Mechatronics Engineer. The Marketing Communications Team is being supported by a student in a work-study program at a nearby college who is able to transfer his knowledge into practice directly.

On 7 September 2016, a special seminar stood on the agenda for all of our trainees: Birgit Gugel (Head of Career Training) invited all trainees to our modern headquarters in Gaimersheim near Ingolstadt. There it was “Good Etiquette and Good Health Through Education”. Exactly what awaited the trainees here was not disclosed beforehand. But primarily, the professionals of tomorrow were there to get some tips on getting through their training period stress-free so as be perfectly prepared for their next stage in life.

After receiving some tips on learning how to divide their workload in the professional school correctly, the trainees took a look at themselves to learn whether and how wholesomely they nourished their bodies. When it came to etiquette, the adolescents gained insights into basic knowledge about correct behavior, the formalities of greeting, table manners, the right choice of clothes for a corporate dinner as well as a glimpse into other countries and cultures. Here also was the opportunity for all trainees, both “newcomers” and “old hands” to exchange views.

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