Girls' Day at BFFT
Women's Network of BFFT and EDAG
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Guided tour through the technical departments
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Girl Power: BFFT Girls’ Day and Women’s Network

Girls’ Day is a day of action which takes place annually and is specifically designed to encourage girls to have a deeper look at the technical and scientific professions. The goal is to increase the proportion of female workers participating in these so-called “male professions” and so reduce the future predicted skills shortage in the industry. BFFT also took part and invited five female students from Gnadenthal-Gymnasium in Ingolstadt to Girls’ Day 2015 in order to get to know the “somewhat different” automotive engineering company. Following a brief welcome, the young women were given a tour of various departments where technical expertise is required, such as Vehicle Integration, IT and Special Projects. During a lunch together, initial insights into what the most “non-woman-friendly” professions are were exchanged. Then the girls dropped by the Energy Storage Systems/Electrification and Concepts/Tooling Development departments so that by the end of the day they had a broad overview of BFFT’s technical departments.

A Women’s Network has also recently been set up by BFFT and EDAG working in cooperation. This is primarily concerned with promoting the employment of women and the development of women in leadership positions in the two companies. At the first joint meeting of EDAG AG, to which all BFFT and EDAG employees in the Ingolstadt region were warmly invited, the project was presented for the first time by the two contact partners, Stefanie Lurz (Team Leader for Process and Product Data Management, EDAG) and Marion Brechtelsbauer (Head of Human Resources and Service, BFFT). On the agenda were the importance of women’s advancement in today’s society and the associated starting point within Germany and, above all, which program steps the Women’s Network has already implemented and which still need to be taken. In future, the Women’s Network should be an integral part of recruitment activities and will be presented in talks at girls’ schools.