The Great Award of Mid-Sized Companies
BFFT-Headquarter in Gaimersheim
Frank and Markus Fichtner from the BFFT management board
Driving simulator Audi A6

BFFT nominated for Great Award of Mid-Sized Companies

In 2014, BFFT was nominated by the district Eichstätt for the Great Award of Mid-Sized Companies (“Großer Preis des Mittelstands”). The “most sought-after business award in Germany” (WELT) has been given since 1994 by the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation. Only mid-sized companies nominated by communities, associations or institutions can participate. This year only one in every thousand companies made it on the nomination list. From these companies, by September 2014 a volunteer jury will use a comprehensive questionnaire to select the winners.

The areas to be evaluated are the overall company development, the creation / security of jobs and apprenticeships, modernization / innovation, regional commitment and closeness to customers / marketing.