Torsten Bien (Leiter Elektrik/Elektronik EDAG) und markus Fichtner (Geschäftsführer BFFT)
Gemeinsamer Workshop von BFFT & EDAG
Markus Fichtner erklärt aktuelles Projekt zu autonomen Fahren
Rundgang durch die BFFT Werkstätten
BFFT Fahrzeugtechnik

Joint BFFT and EDAG Workshop

Mutual exchange and the concentration of competencies are essential for the further development of a company in the engineering industry. With this in mind, BFFT and EDAG Engineering AG  organised a joint workshop on October 1 and 2. The aim of this two-day encounter was mutual understanding and the hammering out of links, potentials and synergies for future shared projects.

A total of 30 BFFT and EDAG EE department and sector leaders took part in the workshop. The first day began with a quick company presentation from both parties, followed by a  tour through the BFFT headquarters and a dinner together in the EDAG restaurant in Gaimersheim/Ingolstadt. The second day at the new Audi driving experience centre in Neuburg consisted of group work, working out connecting links and potentials.