NEWEXIST° meets BFFT in der Technischen Hochschule Ingolstadt
BFFT CEO Makus Fichtner

NEWEXIST° meets BFFT: BFFT CEO Markus Fichtner gives tips to startups

How does a successful company develop from an innovative idea? What do startups need know? Students at the Technical University of Ingolstadt (THI) tackled these questions during their studies but also in associations such as NEWEXIST°. The association offers all interested parties and startups an extensive network of students, professors, organizations and institutions. NEWEXIST ° is the first point of contact for students to exchange ideas, to find co-founders or quickly obtain advice on how to start a business.

Events such as lectures by successful entrepreneurs and regular meetings to get to know potential co-founders round off the association’s activities. On November 11, BFFT CEO and member of the THI University Council Markus Fichtner was a guest at the Technical University of Ingolstadt (room D113). Among other topics, he spoke about the growth of the Ingolstadt-based automotive engineering development company from its founding to the present day and was available for questions and advice.