BFFT provides comfortable reading nookss

Reading the newspaper in living room ambience: BFFT and the DONAUKURIER team up to provide reading nooks at Ingolstadt schools

One goal of schools and universities is to provide students with the best possible training in preparation for their professional life. Naturally, conveying and absorbing information plays an important role in this effort. Whether lectures and seminars, well-equipped libraries or detailed lecture notes – these all serve as key sources of information for students during their schooling. Within the scope of the “reading sponsor” campaign by the DONAUKURIER, BFFT has now expanded the program to include another source at Ingolstadt Technical University (THI) and Ingolstadt Engineering College (TSIN): BFFT is providing the schools with an initial 1-year subscription to the regional daily newspaper along with comfy bean bag chairs for reading the newspaper.

DONAUKURIER’s “reading partner” campaign is aimed at giving young people access to “analogue” reading in this era of “information snippets”, fake news, alternative facts and the flood of digital information. In addition, the general knowledge of the pupils and students is targeted for improvement. Companies can select one or more suitable schools in advance, and then apply at the DONAUKURIER to be a reading sponsor and donate an initial 1-year subscription to the local newspaper. In addition, comfortable reading areas equipped with bean bag chairs and newspaper holders are set up in the sponsored schools.

Thus, for example, THI students can now use a room near the library to browse through the DONAUKURIER and inform themselves of the latest regarding politics, the economy, sports, culture and local happenings. BFFT has committed itself to be a reading sponsor there for one year and also donated two comfortable bean bag chairs in order to provide students with a living room atmosphere when reading the newspaper. The chairs were presented to THI President Walter Schober and librarian Doris Schneider together with the official sponsor document on 11 May.

Students at TSIN have been whipping their general knowledge into shape since May 17. BFFT is also a reading sponsor at that institute of learning and has likewise provided two bean bag chairs for the reading area. TSIN head Karl Hartl was presented with the chairs and the document and recalled that, among others, BFFT Managing Director and co-founder Markus Fichtner was trained at TSIN.

BFFT is pleased to be involved as a reading sponsor at both schools and is looking forward to supporting the activities of the DONAUKURIER. True to the brand claim “We move people”, BFFT is happy to provide the opportunity for young people to read newspapers.