A close-up view of series development: TH Deggendorf visits BFFT Regensburg
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A close-up view of series development: TH Deggendorf visits BFFT Regensburg

The German schools, colleges and universities  do not  only pay regular visits to the vehicle technology developer BFFT in Ingolstadt/Gaimersheim. On March 13th approximately 10 students from the technical college Deggendorf visited the field office located in Regensburg. The BFFT branch in Regensburg manages the series development topic. The primary focus is software development in the energy management field and supporting AUTOSTAR control devices as a development partner. Enough reasons for the information technology and electronic technology students from Deggendorf to pay a visit to the EE-specialist BFFT.

Starting at 10:00 AM a diversified program awaited the students at the industrial park East in Regensburg. Amongst other thing, the students were able to gather information about BFFT and gain insight in several exiting projects. The program included a short general company introduction as well as lectures regarding employment opportunities with BFFT and practical electronic development. This was followed by a visit to the workshop to closely inspect the retrofitting process of a bicycle with a fuel cell, a test carrier, as well as the functional development of driver assist systems.

Does this sound interesting to you? Apply for available positions and join the BFFT series development team in Regensburg. You may review current job openings on the BFFT career page.