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This is where mom and dad work

Last Wednesday was yet another Day of Prayer and Repentance. The schoolchildren long for this day, but working parents always associate it with planning stress. While the little ones are free, the parents usually have to work. In order to take this stress away from its employees, BFFT has been offering childcare on this day for the past three years in close cooperation with the works council. This way, the kids are offered an exciting daily schedule and the parents don’t have to take an extra day off.

Organizer Marion Brechtelsbauer once again had more than enough to do this year. 30 kids between the ages of six and fourteen had shown up for various offers. After a delicious breakfast, our young guests were able to let off some steam in three groups.

After a short tour of the factory by Florian Weiser, the tech-enthused children of our employees were allowed to solder together their own glowing Christmas trees and take them home thanks to the expert guidance of Karin Jäger, Inga Kaiser, and Nils Arz. For the sports enthusiasts, Marco Müller had arranged a child-friendly course on self-defense where the young bundles of energy were able to let loose for two hours. On the other hand, the hip-hop dance class led by trainer Sonja was firmly girl-oriented. After a good hour, Michaela Reil took the new dance talents on a fantasy journey.

After a refreshing lunch, the troupe went to the old town cinema where the animated remake of the classic “The Little Vampire” was playing. At 4 PM, the parents were finally able to welcome back their youngsters. They were sure to hear many exciting stories that evening. This year has once again shown that family and work can be combined very well. And of course, it’s ideal when the employer does their part.