BFFT recruiter and social media expert Jan Hawliczek
World Class Social Recruiting
& Talent Relationships 2014

World Class Recruiting: BFFT as best practice at international recruitment fair

On 4 September 2014 the international recruitment conference ‘World Class Recruiting & Talent Relationships 2014’ took place. HR managers, recruiters and recruitment experts came from all around the globe and from the most varied range of companies and fields to compare notes on the current developments in recruitment. The core question raised was how companies can (and need to) use social media for recruitment during times of skills shortages. Renowned names like DELL, Microsoft, Infineon and the Deutsche Bahn were in attendance.

The Ingolstadt, Germany, automotive engineering developer BFFT took part in the meeting of recruitment experts from all over the world, too: BFFT recruiter and social media expert, Jan Hawliczek, together with Robindro Ullah, HR director at Voith, gave insights into today’s recruitment strategies. BFFT has already for some time run its recruitment strategy according to the requirements of today’s digital world and according to the needs of its target audience. Therefore BFFT’s expert was able to report on the prerequisites for successful social recruitment and to relay his valuable experience from his work at BFFT.