Traditional carnival activity at BFFT

In 2018, the fifth season once again did not bypass BFFT. What began many years ago as a fun performance amid a small audience, has since evolved into a tradition that is a fixture on the BFFT calendar: the annual Carnival show in the production facilities of BFFT’s headquarters in Gaimersheim, Germany. This Shrove Tuesday, a crowd of party-ready BFFT staff members got together with the intent not to miss a special highlight: Prince Daniel I. and his Princess, Patricia II.

Accompanied by his Princess, Patricia I, this season, BFFT staff member Daniel was at the helm of Carnival Society Schromlachia as Prince Daniel I. (Credit: BFFT/A. Bernt)


While everyone was already familiar with Hollywood-style appearances of BFFT co-workers in conjunction with the Carnival performances thanks to last year’s event, seeing a colleague as a Carnival’s Price was a rare occasion. This time, Daniel who is a member of the Data & Analytics Team and his Princess, Patricia II, assumed starring roles in the Grand Guard performance of Carnival Society Schromlachia.

This year, Schromlachia chose a “Future Dance” theme for the event, which was easy to recognize thanks to the sophisticated costumes… (Credit: BFFT/A. Bernt)


Under a “Future Dance” theme, the show dance group amazed the audience in a close to half-hour-show presenting breathtaking variations of lifts and light effects. Moreover, the royal couple drew enthusiastic responses with its brilliant solo dance. This was a challenge especially for Prince Daniel I, who, as a software developer had not had a lot of dancing experience in the past. However, he mastered the performance with elegance and confidence, earning his co-workers’ admiring applause.

Carnival Society Schromlachia’s show dance group made the BFFT workshop vibrate. (Credit: BFFT/A. Bernt)


The second live performance also celebrated a true anniversary: The REB Carnival Society’s Guard, joined in dance by Nina from the BFFT Special Projects Department, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this season. Hence, the choreography also presented an arc of old and new: From classic Rock ‘n’ Roll to modern numbers, the traditional Carnival organizers, who hail from Reichertshofen, Ebenhausen and Baar, offered up a program that pleased everyone. The level of dancing presented here also made the REB show a stand-out event thanks to numerous flight elements and whirling female dancers.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Carnival Society REB’s show guard performed a perfect blend of oldies and new hits. (Credit: BFFT/A. Bernt)


Under the leadership of Prince Martin I and Princess Julia I, they delivered a stunning finale that amazed the large number of BFFT employees in attendance, who in the meantime were served delicious donuts in true Carnival style. Unfortunately, we do not know if a mustard-filled donut had been sneaked into the sweet delights…

During the performances, the BFFT staff was treated with around 400 sweet delights. (Credit: BFFT/A. Bernt)