SRe meets BFFT
Aufbau des Batterieträgers
Isolationsmessung mit Dr. Schweiger und GF Fichtner
SRe 13 Bolide
Aufbau und Verschaltung der Zellen
Mechanische und elektrische Anpassung der Batterie

Battery construction with Schanzer Racing electric

Like last year, the workshop of BFFT was the scene of the battery assembly from the formula student team Schanzer Racing Electric. From 10th to 18th of June 15 students were establishing the battery for the new racecar SRe13 together with the BFFT technicians.

The construction of the battery-beam, mechanical and electrical adaptation to the new racecar and the interconnection of the battery-cells were performed in this period of time. Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Schweiger from the University of Ingolstadt did the first implementation of the battery. After having his permission the battery was installed into the racecar.