Daring jumps of the athletes
Full hut at the ADAC Hallentrial 2017

Coordination and Balance Par Excellence: BFFT at the ADAC Arena Trial 2017

Usually ERC Ingolstadt fights for points in the Saturn Arena in the German Ice Hockey League. On Saturday 26.02.2017, the smell of engines and gasoline was more evident than sweat, in the fully packed arena. The reason: The ADAC Hall Trial took the ice hockey stadium under its wing, and once again presented a full program to its audience.
In addition to an exciting competition, that left spectators fully gratified, there was a trade fair for spectators to browse through, as well as an autograph session by riders (among which was last year’s winner Håkon Pedersen and the German Trial Master, Franz Kadlec). Daredevil jumps, balancing acts in the enclosed space, feats of coordination between man and machine, impressed and amazed the audience in the Ingolstadt Saturn Arena. Again and again, you were made to ask yourself: how on earth do they manage to conquer these challenges on a motorcycle? The stunt riders managed it indeed, showing the gaping audience how it was done in grand style, leaving them riveted to their seats. In the end, the 4th Ingolstadt Hall Trial became a Spanish day of celebration. The reigning European champion, Miquel Gelabert, secured his victory on the spectacular final leg, with a total of only 5 fault points. The 18-year-old from Barcelona won with a razor-thin lead, ahead of Jack Price from the United Kingdom (6 faults). The local Matador, Bavarian Franz Kadlec from Reichersbeuern (7), came 3rd.
Since 2014, BFFT has always been represented at the ADAC Hall Trial. This year was no exception. Through an internal company ticket raffle, 14 employees received the opportunity to witness the motor sport event first-hand. Two more tickets were raffled to followers of the BFFT Instagram account. All those who attended were absolutely thrilled and enjoyed the afternoon immensely.