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ADAC Hallen-Trial 2014 Ingolstadt
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BFFT at the ADAC indoor trials 2014

Following BFFT’s cooperation with the moped race organiser in Bruck in 2013, the 25th January saw a joint follow-up event in the motorsport field. The who’s who of German and international trial sport came together at the ADAC Hallen trials (international German hall trial championship) in Ingolstadt for the first time at the Saturn arena.

Ten two-wheeled acrobats (including the current European Champion Eddie karlsson from Sweden, the 16-year old Wunderkind Franzi Kadlec from Bavaria and German team world champion Jan Juklewitz) came together to pit their sporting wits. The bikers had to show off their skills with as few mistakes as possible in 5 sections over pipes, tree trunks and other hurdles.

BFFT didn’t leave the top athletes in the lurch on their bikes, and was present at the event with its own BFFT course, archway and fan sofa.