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Zieleinfahrt durch den BFFT Torbogen
Voller Durchblick mit der BFFT Sonnenbrille
Gute Laune trotz Sturz
Mit den Bobbycars bergab
BFFT goes Bobbycar
So sehen Sieger aus

BFFT at the bobbycar race in Irgertsheim

About 30 people were participating at the second bobbycar-race in Irgertsheim on September 8th.

The reckless contestants were competing with their modified race cars in different classes (children, teenies, professionals and superclass) in teams or as single starters. With up to 80 kilometers per hour the pilots demonstrated their skills to the cheering visitors along the racetrack.

BFFT was supporting this exceptional race event in Irgertsheim with various marketing initiatives.