BFFT Torbogen auf der Konrad-Adenauer-Brücke in Ingolstadt
BFFT beim Halbmarathon Ingolstadt 2014
Endspurt von Mitku Soboka Tulu
Laufaction vor dem BFFT Meeting-Point
Zentraler BFFT Treffpunkt
BFFT Meeting-Point an der Donau
Die letzten Meter ins Ziel

BFFT at the half marathon in Ingolstadt 2014

On April 26, it was time again for several thousand male and female athletes, spurred on by numerous spectators, to complete a 21.1 km route across Ingolstadt. BFFT also sponsored this year’s Ingolstadt Half Marathon, and accordingly, some sports-minded colleagues lined up again at the start. For walkers, Nordic walkers and runners not yet confident enough to take on the half marathon, the 7.3 km FitnessRun & Walk on a varied loop through the city and the green belt around Ingolstadt, was again on the program.

In addition, BFFT was represented with some marketing campaigns around the track (including, the BFFT arch at the Konrad Adenauer bridge, and a central BFFT meeting point right beside the Danube). BFFT congratulates Ethiopian Mitku Soboka Tulu from PTSV Rosenheim, who won the half marathon with a time of 1:07:14.