Best weather in the Audi Sportpark
FC Ingolstadt 04 vs. FC Bayern Munich
Best view from the BFFT Fansofa
BFFT cheers for their team
Strengthening before the match
FC Ingolstadt fanblock
Freekick for the Schanzer
Penalty kick from Moritz Hartmann

BFFT at a phenomenal conclusion for the First Bundesliga season: FCI vs. FC Bayern Munich

Who would ever have thought that just 12 years after the club was founded, they would be playing, before a sellout crowd and with any possibility of relegation far behind them, against the record champion from Munich?

BFFT, as a sponsoring partner of the FC Ingolstadt decided also to sponsor a couple of activities at this auspicious event. For one thing, seats on the BFFT fan sofa were raffled off; for another, some tickets were given to employees of the BFFT—not only the men, but the women too. Furthermore, BFFT raffled off two VIP Light tickets on its own Facebook page—this brought a big response.

In order to ring in the day of this Upper Bavarian rivalry in fitting fashion, the meeting place for this special game day was set at the BFFT-branded Audi A4. Here all of the winners had beef and pork loaf roll as well as hops-containing and non-alcoholic refreshments. Now adequately reinforced, our colleagues headed for their seats in the stadium.

On the field, our local heroes displayed courageous form and showed once again that their remaining in the league’s top level was not a fluke. But the Bavarians on this particular day shut the door on the home team and through their victory, became German champion for the fourth year in a row. This marvelous day was brought to an end with FCI’s end-of-the-season celebration in the open area behind the south stands.

All in all, it was a worthy conclusion to this indescribable season. In any event, BFFT is now already excited about the coming season with our boys now firmly ensconced in the first division of the German Bundesliga. The BFFT fan sofa will be ready once again in the coming season, naturally right up front on the very edge of the playing field.