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BFFT engages in RC-Motorsport

Since March 2013, BFFT has been involved as the sponsor of its own RC motor sports team by supporting two employees with materials and providing transport vehicles for races.

One of the employees has been practicing the so-called RC-Drift (drifting with remote controlled cars) for six years in the professional league. During drifting races, a team of three often competes against up to 50 drivers in a knockout tournament. Furthermore, he builds and designs his own car bodies in order to optimize driving behavior and steering of his remote controlled cars for the races. Participating regularly in races and design events (German, European and international), he has already managed to secure various victories (racing victories, “best of show” 2010, 2011 and 2012, “body of the year” 2011 as well as repeatedly “body of the month”).

For sixteen years, another employee has been engaged with great enthusiasm in building so-called ‘Offroad Minicars’ (remote controlled cars with a gasoline engine) and steering them over tracks especially built for this purpose. During these races, a team of four competes against 70-80 drivers in a knockout tournament. The remote controlled racing cars weigh around 12.5kg and reach maximum speeds of up to 100km/h (3.8 hp). Participating regularly in races all around Germany, he is collecting points for the German championship in the category of 1:5 internal combustion cars. He has already been able to celebrate a few successes as well (2nd, 3rd And 5th place in the German Championship, 9th place at the European Championship 2012).
From now on, both drivers will participate in the races with remote controlled cars in the BFFT-look.