BFFT Fanmobil
LaBrassBanda live on stage

BFFT fan mobile on tour: LaBrassBanda in Munich

Once again the BFFT fan mobile is on tour and is heading for a “trendy” lifestyle event outside Ingolstadt in order to allow applicants to have a joint, moving fan experience. The destination this time is the cult band LaBrassBanda concert in Munich on 31st October.

LaBrassBanda is a brass music group from Übersee am Chiemsee. Their lead singer and trumpeter is Stefan Dettl. The band cheekily terms their music as Bavarian Gypsy Brass, Funk Brass or Alp Jazz Techno. As part of the tour for their current album “Europa” they are also playing in Munich. The “brass music chapel” will shake up the public in the circus krone tent in a slightly different way with their trumpets, tubas and trombones.