Donaukurier and BFFT enable emotional Bundesliga soccer experiences
BFFT Fansofa in the Audi Sportpark
Fans of Schanzer-soccer team
The blue couch
FC Ingolstadt 04

Hello 1. League: BFFT Fansofa celebrates start of season with the match FCI vs. BVB

BFFT does not only play a Premiere League role in automotive technology and electronics development – on September 23, the blue BFFT Fansofa will also make its debut with the FC Ingolstadt 04 (FCI), which after just recently advancing to the 1st German National Soccer League already celebrated its successful start into the first season with an out-of-town victory over the FSV Mainz.

The blue BFFT Fansofa, which was first introduced in the 2012/13/ season as a marketing tool for employees, customers and applicants, will once again sit right by the edge of the soccer field during all FCI home games of the new season. Positioned between the trainer’s bench and the FCI fan block, it boasts the four best seats in the house at the Audi Sports Park. If you want to pull practical jokes with “Schanzi” – the FCI mascot – before the game or observe the professionals from a front row seat as they warm up or have your post game picture taken with the German National League stars – the BFFT Fansofa is the place to be as if offers especially emotional soccer experiences. Effective immediately, raffles will be held before any FCI game. In cooperation with the DONAUKURIER, BFFT will draw two winners from the entries submitted by fans who will be awarded seats on the couch. At the beginning of each week, BFFT will publish an invitation to the sweepstakes in the sports section of an issue of the DONAUKURIER. Fans will be able to submit their entries to the e-mail address or via the BFFT Facebook page.

The deadline for entries to the current fan couch debut sweepstakes and the home game thrill ride against opponent Borussia Dortmund is tomorrow, 4 pm. So go to the BFFT Facebook page to sign up right now !