BFFT Fanlogen-Gewinner ERCI vs. Düsseldorfer EG
ERCI-Heimspiel zum 50 jährigen Jubiläum
BFFT Fanlogen-Gewinner ERCI vs. Kölner Haie
Beste Sitzplätze in der Saturn Arena
Echte Ingolstädter Panther Liebe
BFFT Miniatur-Eishockeytisch
Anfeuern des ERC Ingolstadt vom Balkon aus

BFFT presents: “The slightly different box” with ERC Ingolstadt

Right on cue for the winter break of the German Football League, BFFT is introducing the concept of BFFT fan sofas (the opportunity to experience all the home games of our sponsoring partner FC Ingolstadt live from the front row) at the Saturn Arena. BFFT is extending the scope of the collaboration with ERC Ingolstadt to include “the slightly different box”, a private BFFT fan box, for the remaining home games of the Panthers in the 2013/14 season.

The box is located on a balcony next to the press area and above the business sector. The box offers the typical cosy BFFT features (e.g. beer table fittings, miniature Eishockeygame and ERC Ingolstadt merchandise) and an electrifying atmosphere, but the main advantage is its location. The balcony offers by far the best view of the ice and the game.

“The slightly different box” premiered at the 50th anniversary game between ERC Ingolstadt and Düsseldorf EG on the 17th of January (final result: 1:3).