Triathlon Ingolstadt 2014
Workshop Mix up your running mit ASICS-Laufexperte Martin Aschenbrenner
Thumbs up für Personaltraining im Business Sport Club
Leistungsdiagnostik mit Gerhard Budy
Fragestunde mit Gerhard Budy
Koppeltraining am Baggersee Ingolstadt
Workshop Schwimmtraining & -technik

BFFT prepares for the Ingolstadt triathlon

Not only is the head organizer, Gerhard Budy, making last minute preparations for the fifth triathlon in Ingolstadt, but so is the returning main sponsor, BFFT. Both excitedly await the big sporting event, and the training of the athletes is in full gear. Of the 2,600 participants competing in the short- , olympic-, and middle distance events, this year, around 100 of them will be wearing BFFT jerseys and they will take on these three events: swimming, bicycling, and running.

For the participants’ proper preparation before the Ingolstadt triathlon there were workshops offered in cooperation among Gerhard Budy, his fitness studio, Business Sport Club, and SportIN. From dual training (bicycling and running) and swimming (training and technique) to specific informative events (Mix up your running and question-and-answer hour), with the help of these workshops the BFFT athletes could prepare specifically for the three events and received valuable tips on training from the experts.

BFFT looks forward to the Ingolstadt triathlon this year and hopes its athletes will have fun and be successful!