Runner before the BFFT archway
BFFT runner after the Fitness-Run
BFFT Runner after the half marathon
BFFT Runner in action
BFFT Runner before the meeting-point
Anticipation of the Fitness-Run

BFFT as active sponsor at the half marathon in Ingolstadt 2013

On April 27th over 5000 athletes participated at the half marathon in Ingolstadt. BFFT congratulates the maroccan Said Azouzi on winning the competition with setting a new course record of 01:05:14.

As part of being a sponsor BFFT participated with sport-enthusiastic competitors in the disciplines “Fitness-Run” (7,3km) and of course the half marathon itself (21,1km). Furthermore the BFFT-athletes had the chance to chill out at the “BFFT-Meetingpoint” after the run to have some healthy snacks and cold beverages.