Grill chef Michael Schneider
Barbecue in the garden
Gourmet-cook Stefan Frey
Thumbs up!
Natural Born Grillers
Meat inspection
Preparation of the barbecue
BBQ fans
Enjoying the barbecue
BBQ course

BFFT Teamevent: Barbecue course with the “Natural Born Grillers”

For the purpose of a monthly BFFT team event employees had the chance to participate at a special culinary workshop on June 12th. Therefore 25 BFFT associates made their way to Eichstätt to learn everything about great BBQ from the experts Michael Schneider (master butcher) and Stefan Frey (gourmet chef).

These two “Natural Born Grillers” explained the tips and tricks for preparing fresh vegetables, fish and meat. The BFFT colleagues didn´t hesitate to grab some knifes and help energetically to prepare the dishes which they were enjoying collectively afterwards.