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Winterzauber Eisarena am Paradeplatz Ingolstadt
Anvisieren des gegnerischen Eisstocks
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BFFT Teamevent: Curling in Ingolstadt

From 30 November to 6 January, the old town of Ingolstadt hosted an especially attractive event: set against the scenic backdrop of the New Castle, a 500-square-meter sheet of real ice was open for ice skating and Bavarian curling on Ingolstadt’s Paradeplatz. Other attractions included a large ski lodge, a punch hut and other stalls with Christmas specialities.

The Winterzauber Eisarena (winter magic ice arena) on Paradeplatz was also used by BFFT to stage a team event (from colleagues for colleagues) at the beginning of december, in the form of a little curling tournament with some employees. The participants later rounded off the evening cosily together by enjoying some Christmas treats.