Miniature golf compettioners
Full concentration on the swing
Department of alternative actuation technology
Master of Barbecue
Enjoying the game
Miniature golf course in Ingolstadt
Waiting for the swing
Winners trophies

BFFT teamevent: Miniature golf in ingolstadt

At BFFT there is a challenge among the Triathlon Ingolstadt participants. The department that provides the most associates to participate at the Triathlon wins. The department alternative drivetrain had the greatest amount with over 70 percent attendees.

Therefore these colleagues were looking forward to may 16th where they were staging a miniature golf tournament at the MGC Ingolstadt. After the tournament the group of colleagues enjoyed their evening with barbeque and cold beverages.

This year BFFT proclaimed the challenge again and 3 departments are already attending with over 70 percent of their staff.