Harry G giving autograph
Harry G autograph card
BFFT Fanmobil winner
Fanphoto with Harry G
BFFT at Harry G im Stadttheater Ingolstadt

Harry G – Grumbling is Beautiful: BFFT talks with the Bavarian comic and cabaret artist.

No one disses the “Isar Prussians” so well – Markus Stoll has revived the typical Munich grumbler character with Harry, his cabaret figure. The comic worked as an investment manager until 2011. He’s now well-known throughout Germany for his crude maxims. His shows at the Munich Schlachthof were sold out within hours, and his YouTube videos have gotten over 4.5 million clicks.

As a modern and innovative developer of automotive engineering, BFFT strives to offer its employees a wide range of activities for interest and recreation, including, of course, comedy. The BFFT Fanmobil went back on the road on November 2nd to catch Harry G’s live show at the Stadttheater Ingolstadt. The comic brought smiles and laughter to 8 enthusiastic colleagues, with cursing tirades from his current show, “Harry G – Life with the Isar Prussian”. His jokes are never lacking for a good portion of biting satire. After the show the BFFT guests were treated to a photo- and-autograph op with the native Regensburger.

The honor was all ours, Harry – we’re looking forward to the next BFFT Fanmobile excursion with our colleagues!