QuantyaParx-Park in Augsburg
electrically operated
 up to 70 km/h
BFFT Employees goes motocross
for beginners and advanced participants
BFFT Racing Team

Quantya-Tour in Quantyaparx Augsburg

In consequence of being an automotive engineering enterprise, BFFT is interested in any kind of vehicles and their manner of functioning. Therefore on May 25th, 30 BFFT Employees made their way to the QuantyaParx-Park in Augsburg to give the so called Quantyas a try.

These electrically operated Motocrossbikes can be accelerated up to 70 km/h and were put to the acid test by our associates. In order to guarantee everyone the maximal pleasure the QuantyaParx-staff made the track drivable for beginners and advanced participants.