Schanzer Racing electric Team 2013
SRe13 auf der Strecke
Vor dem Rennen
Ab in Richtung Start
SRe13 in der Box
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Formula Studen Germany
Anfeuerung von der Tribühne

Schanzer Racing electric: Successful performance at Hockenheimring

 From July 30th to August 4th the Formula Student Germany took place on the local racetrack in Hockenheim. One of the 40 electrical teams was the schanzer racing electric team from the University of Ingolstadt. BFFT is one of the main sponsors from Schanzer Racing electric and engineered the battery of the SRe13 together with students from the team.

Schanzer Racing was competing the other teams in static and dynamic disciplines. Although having heavy technical problems during the event the SRe13 still managed a solid 15th place. BFFT congratulates Schanzer Racing electric to that result and is already looking forward to the next race event in itlay form September 13th to 19th.

Here the detailed results from Hockeheim:


Business Plan:                 # 32
Cost Report:                     # 16
Engineering Design:       # 14


Skidpad:                            # 9 with a time of 6:02 sec
Acceleration:                    # 16 with a time of 4,455 sec  to make 75 m; Topspeed 99km/h
Autocross:                         # 9 with a time of 85,20 sec
Endurance:                       # 12 with a time of 1917,61 sec