Stunt-Pro Dirk Manderbach
Stunt it up
from left to right: Dirk Manderbach, Frank & Markus Fichtner
Freesstyle &  stunts at BFFT headquarters

Stunt it up: Motorbike-Pro Dirk Manderbach shows his tricks at BFFT headquarters

Screeching tires, top-notch motorcycle acrobatics and action-packed stunts were all on the playbill this October 9 at electronics specialist BFFT in Ingolstadt Gaimersheim. The occasion? An invite at BFFT headquarters for none other than one of Germany’s best motorcycle freestyle performers.
Cue Dirk Manderbach, who gave numerous BFFT employees a nice adrenaline kick with his half-hour Freestyle Show “Stunt it up”.

The motorcycle pro reached deep into his two-wheel grab bag of tricks and performed a smorgasbord of wheelies, drifts, burnouts and even a complete somersault. The spontaneous motor sports spectacle was made possible thanks to BFFT CEO Markus Fichtner and his twin brother Frank, with the pair having taken a wheelie course with the freestyle expert earlier this year.