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Over hill and dale – BFFT on its way with the 10th Danube Classic

In the Danube Classic 2015, which celebrated its 10th anniversary from June 18-20, about 250 teams embarked on an automobile journey through time in the heart of Bavaria. After a brief technical inspection at the DEKRA Ingolstadt, a three-day journey over hill and dale across the Free State took place. The subsequent route took the teams through the Urdonautal, the Franconian Jura, and finally through the hops-covered Halltertau. In only a few years, the Danube Classic has evolved into one of the biggest classic car rallies of the German-speaking world.

As in earlier years, BFFT was also ready at the steering wheel. As a gifted classic car fan, the vehicle technician allowed three teams to participate in the Donau Classic. With their Suzuki Jeep, Audi Coupee, and Lancia Delta Integrale, they overcame the special stages and passage controls without major problems. Overall, the BFFT teams were able to secure 54th, 114th, and 155th place. The Henglein Classic Team won first place as in the previous year.