Audi A3 Demonstrator
Audi A3 Interior Mock-Up
Infotainment-Exhibit MMI
Audi A8- Interior Mock-UP

Automotive engineering

Conception and integration of electric and mechanical components in the entire vehicle

  • Technology demonstrator: Integrating actuators and sensor technology including networking
  • Prototypes: complete vehicle bodies  (autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, car clinics)
  • Control elements: Planning and setup of new control concepts (MMI, combined instruments, head-up-displays, gesture recognition)
  • Exhibits: Design und setup of exhibits including trade fair support (mock-ups, technical demonstrators, table superstructures)
  • On-board rack development: Wiring harness construction and installation including networking
  • Model-building: Realizing vehicle bodies mechanically as well as model-building (exhibits, test rigs)