Infotainment systems
Infotainment - Audi Connect

Infotainment / HMI / Connect

BFFT automotive technology is qualified in design, development, expansion, as well as in ensuring existing infotainment-functions. Clients appreciate the following BFFT service scope:

  • Requirement Engineering: Preparation, management and review of  specifications
  • Simulation/Emulation: Reproduction of vehicle components to validate system functionality.
  • Development-Related Testing: Implementing and validating new SW-releases in existing electro-technical  composite systems
  • Pre-/Series Development: Verification of existing connectivity functions, managing models with software updates; developing new functions, optimizing functions already integrated in the series.
  • Vendor Tracking: tracking time schedules and milestones, ensuring timely submission of new SW-releases, managing error ticket processing

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