Audi A2 Concept
Audi A2 Concept
Audi A3 Demonstrator
VW Tex Showcar
Audi A2 Concept - Touchpads
BFFT Products

HWSW development

Hardware development, embedded software, PC-software and BFFT-products:

  • Hardware development: test rigs, test racks (infotainment HIL, lighting test racks), innovative controling elements (infotainment, steering wheel, touchpads)
  • Embedded software: control unit software for pre-development vehicles, bus simulation for test rack development of integrated networking concepts
  • PC-software: development of graphic user interfaces for automotive, test racks and consumer electronics, middleware-development of automotive display and operating concepts
  • BFFT-products: processing of video signals (e.g. video processing unit), bus access and simulations (e.g. CANmicro, CANcell)