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Press Releases

BFFT develops autonomous test vehicle

(Gaimersheim, Apr. 16, 2018) – How long will we continue to drive cars ourselves, and when will we pass the torch to autonomous technologies? The industry has been asking these questions for some time now. BFFT, the innovative automotive technology developer based in Gaimersheim near Ingolstadt, is hard at work on an answer. In collaboration with the FZI Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe and U.S. automotive supplier Visteon, BFFT has created…

BFFT showcases forward-looking connectivity topics at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

(Gaimersheim, Mar. 8, 2018) – Every day, our world grows more and more connected. This is something the electronics specialist BFFT from Gaimersheim near the city of Ingolstadt recognized early on. Consequently, the company has been developing digital connectivity technology for cars for many years. Now, for the first time, BFFT has presented its portfolio at a global connectivity trade fair – the Mobile World Congress…

Donations instead of gifts: BFFT helps disadvantaged children

(Gaimersheim, Feb. 2, 2018) – Goals for Kids is a charitable association of the German ice hockey league club ERC Ingolstadt, and is one of the social initiatives with which BFFT has been collaborating for several years. The electronics developers from nearby Gaimersheim have been supporting the Ingolstadt-based professional ice hockey club as partners since the 2013/2014 season…

More good reasons for a career with BFFT 

(Gaimersheim, Dec. 22, 2017) –  BFFT, the innovative automotive technology developer from Gaimersheim near Ingolstadt, will soon be even more attractive to prospective applicants thanks to two new, unconventional training programs…
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German Engineering for the US – BFFT at the L.A. Auto Show

Belmont (Dec. 6, 2017) – When it comes to the mobility of the future, BFFT has been a trend-setting player on the German premium car market for many years. Especially for the VW Group – and in particular for luxury brand Audi – the electronics specialist from Germany is known for being a benchmark in the areas of driver assistance systems, digitization and electrification
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BFFT of America – Arrived at the top

Belmont (Oct. 4, 2017) – Technology developer BFFT of America ranks among the ‘20 Most Promising Automotive Tech Solution Providers 2017’ in the US. This honor has been awarded by the experts of CIOReview, one of the major magazines and online platforms for top decision-makers and opinion leaders in the IT industry. With this award the trade magazine recognizes technology developers who drive forward-thinking mobility concepts, connectivity, e-mobility and autonomous driving
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Tech Day at BFFT Italia – Insights into the workshop of the future

Crevalcore (Sep. 29, 2017) – High-tech that you can get your hands on and insights into the future of the automotive-industry were some of the highlights at BFFT Italia’s “Tech Day”. On Friday, September 22, the technology developer opened up its branch at the Crevalcore site near Bologna to well known customers from the automotive industry. “Together with OEMs and their suppliers, we were able to take a look behind the scenes at Research and Development,” explains Matteo Canella, CEO BFFT Italia
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Great Place to Work 2017: BFFT is one of Bavaria’s best employers

Ingolstadt (Apr. 28, 2017) – BFFT has been recognized as one of the best employers in Bavaria in the Great Place to Work competition ® 2017. The Ingolstadt-based vehicle technology developer was honored yesterday in Munich, thanks to its special measures to promote employer appeal and corporate culture
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Motorsports talent pool Audi Sport TT Cup: Fabian Vettel joins the race with BFFT

Ingolstadt (Apr. 18, 2017) – Fabian Vettel (18) will be pulling up to the starting line next season at the Audi Sport TT Cup under the sponsorship of BFFT, the automotive engineering designer from Ingolstadt, Germany. Fabian is the younger brother of four-time Forumla 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel. He’s also part of a high-caliber, international line-up competing for the Audi one-make cup introduced in 2015 as part of the DTM – the most popular motorsports platform in Germany
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Brand-New Audi A4 quattro S Line for Research: BFFT retools vehicle for simulation of dynamic glare

Ingolstadt (24.11.2016) – The Ingolstadt-based automotive engineering developer BFFT has converted a brand-new Audi A4 quattro S Line into a research vehicle for Aalen University. The vehicle will allow for studies on glare from oncoming traffic to be performed in the university’s driving simulator
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A sofa in Paris: BFFT Wins Automotive Brand Contest

Ingolstadt (30.09.2016) – What do Arnold Schwarzenegger, François Hollande and Mario Götze have in common? They’ve all been to the Salon Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris, one of the biggest international automotive exhibitions. Now, the Ingolstadt-based au-tomotive engineering designer BFFT has joined the list – but neither as a visitor nor as an exhibitor: Yesterday, BFFT was named “Winner” of the Automotive Brand Contest
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Novelty in the Bundesliga: Students launch source code on Bundesliga adboards

Ingolstadt (20.09.2016) – Having played against FC Bayern in the recent Bavarian derby, today FC Ingolstadt 04 (FCI) faces up against Eintracht Frankfurt. However, it is not just the home game of the Ingolstadt “Schanzers” that is on show at the Audi Sportpark arena, but also the result of a unique cooperation between FCI partner BFFT and the Technical University of Ingolstadt (THI): if_then
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Better than buyer’s premiums? BFFT develops innovative battery & charging system for e-bus

Ingolstadt (20.07.2016) – Everybody is talking about the e-premium for electric cars. It is supposed to get more e-cars onto the roads. However, according to the influential Academic Advisory Board of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, that will not help protect our environment. Instead, it recommends converting all city buses to electric motors in order to reduce air and noise pollution. But are e-buses really the solution? 
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BFFT E-Bike Campaign: Employees bike over 17,000 km

Ingolstadt (08.07.2016) – Promoting health, protecting the environment and saving money, too? This summer, the automotive engineering developer offered its employees more reasons to opt for bicycles with an innovative E-bike Campaign. …
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Beste Arbeitgeber Marke 2016

Inspiring: BFFT is Best Employer Brand 2016

Ingolstadt (07.06.2016) – At the Employer Branding Award 2016, the automotive engineering designer BFFT introduced a unique lifestyle program to inspire employees – and landed first place with the “Best Employer Brand 2016“ award in the Hidden Champions/Internal Branding category. 
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Psychologische Probandenstudien

What drivers want: BFFT offers one-stop psychological volunteer studies

Ingolstadt (23.03.2016) – Do drivers operate with navigation systems better with buttons, touch or voice input? How do they react to more information in the Head-up-Display? BFFT provides answers to these and similar questions in full package. …
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BFFT Fansofa

It can be done without the sweetheart: International attention drawn to Bavarian sponsor

Ingolstadt (09.03.2016) – For years medium-sized company BFFT from Ingolstadt has been successfully using sponsorship for corporate communication. The innovative sponsorship concept recently gained international attention on several expert platforms. 
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BFFT Fansofa

Triple success in its Anniversary Year: BFFT distinguishes as a “Top Employer” for the third time

Ingolstadt (18.02.2016) – The Ingolstadt-based automotive engineering developer BFFT tonight has been named “Top Automotive Employer 2016” for the third time in succession. …
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Firmenevent im Erlebnisbad

FOCUS Ranking 2016: Germany’s best work year

Ingolstadt (01.02.2016) – FOCUS magazine once again named automotive engineering developer BFFT Germany’s Best Employer. The company headquartered in Ingolstadt wants to be favorite employer and goes to great lengths throughout the year to claim that coveted title. …
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Fahrerassistenzsystem DRIVER EXTENDED EYES

Award for an innovative driver assistance system: BFFT and SAME DEUTZ-FAHR make driving a tractor safer

Ingolstadt (10.11.2015) – They received a silver medal at the Agritechnica 2015 for this: the automotive engineering developer BFFT and agricultural machinery manufacturer SAME DEUTZ-FAHR have developed the innovative DRIVER EXTENDED EYES driver assistance system. …
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Audi A6 als Prüfstand

Test bench on four wheels: BFFT has converted two Audi A6 vehicles for TU Braunschweig

Ingolstadt (06.10.2015) – BFFT, the automotive engineering developer, has converted two Audi A6 vehicles into test bench vehicles. TU Braunschweig wishes to use these vehicles to test sensors and carry out autonomous driving studies. …
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BFFT Italia: Lamborghini Making Use Of Bavarian Electronics Expertise

Ingolstadt/Bologna (23.07.2015) – BFFT, the automotive engineering developer and longstanding development partner of AUDI AG, has opened a branch in Italy. The electronic specialists from Ingolstadt are located only a stone’s throw from customer Lamborghini. …
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Small Sponsor but big ideas to boot!

Ingolstadt (04.05.2015) – The whole of footballing Germany was looking on this particular Monday towards where the FC Ingolstadt 04 (FCI) had the possibility of practically being promoted up into the Bundesliga 1st Division when playing in the Southern German Derby against the 1st FC Nuremberg Club. In the middle of all that excitement and in the crowd as well was a small sponsor with big ideas. …
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BFFT Experte mit Funda Vanroy

Golf at the Speed of Sound

Ingolstadt (09.04.2015) – What is the maximum speed that an ordinary golf ball can reach? Could it possibly break the sound barrier? And what does that have to do with the Ingolstadt automotive engineering developer BFFT? The answer to this will be revealed in Galileo 360° on Thursday, 9 April 2015 at 20:15 on ProSieben MAXX. …
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Libero, Playmaker & Striker wanted – BFFT opens transfer window with Bavarian German Bundesliga Derby

Ingolstadt (03.03.2015) – Since yesterday’s second Bundesliga game of Ingolstadt 04 against Munich TSV 1860, the transfer window has re-opened. While the exchange period in the German Bundesliga has been terminated some time ago, the Ingolstadt automotive engineering developer BFFT continues looking to boost its team. In order to achieve this goal, BFFT is using the sponsoring cooperation with Schanzer for the first time. …
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Top Arbeitgeber Automotive 2015

Double! BFFT once again receives recognition as a top employer

Ingolstadt (19.02.2015) – Less than a month ago the Ingolstadt automotive engineering developer BFFT was recognised by FOCUS magazine as Germany’s Best Employer. This evening the company will additionally be awarded Top Employer Automotive 2015 by the Top Employers Institute – a “double” to start the year. …
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FOCUS Bester Arbeitgeber 2015

Engineering at the Forefront: BFFT is once again “Best German Employer” (FOCUS)

Ingolstadt (27.01.2015) – On 26/01/2015, the German news magazine FOCUS honoured the automotive engineering developer BFFT as “Best German Employer” in the category of automobile industry/mid-sized companies. The Ingolstadt company thereby offers its employees a place at the forefront once again. …
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Bayerischer Mittelstandspreis für BFFT

Bavarian Mid-Sized Company Award 2014: BFFT awarded for innovative entrepreneurship and employee orientation

Ingolstadt (07.11.2014) On 11.06.2014, the European Economic Forum in Munich played host to the Bavarian Mid-Sized Company Award for the eighth time. BFFT was winner of the service sector category and honored as a key pillar of the Bavarian economy. …
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BFFT & FC Ingolstadt

From Relegation Battle to Head of the Standings: The Moving Partnership of FC Ingolstadt and BFFT 

Ingolstadt (31.10.2014) – For five years, automotive engineering developer BFFT has stood by FC Ingolstadt. The standings of Schanzer in the 2nd Bundesliga provides an opportunity to look back on the specifics of this sponsorship. …
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BFFT Wasserstoff Hybrid-Bus

Tomorrow’s urban traffic: BFFT and the “E-Bus-Pro” network are developing zero-emission electric buses

Ingolstadt (09.10.2014) – Exhaust fumes, noise and traffic jams: given population growth and urbanization, the central challenge in urban development is inner-city traffic. BFFT, the automotive engineering developer from Ingolstadt, Germany, is working with the “E-Bus-Pro” network on the development of a fully electric bus for everyday use that can provide regular transport services in the city. …
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BFFT Headquarters

Employer Assessments on the Internet: BFFT is Most Popular Company in Automobile Industry 

Ingolstadt (17.09.2014) – The Ingolstadt automotive engineering developer BFFT has been rated the most popular company in the automobile industry on Kununu, the largest employer assessment platform in the German-speaking world. …
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Schanzer Racing Electric

A successful partnership: BFFT and Schanzer Racing Electric celebrate top placings at the Hockenheimring

Ingolstadt (04.08.2014) – 2 electric motors, 120 PS, 228 kg deadweight, carbon monocoque. With this combination, “Schanzer Racing Electric” last weekend once again secured a top 10 placing in the Formula Student Race at the Hockenheimring. This represents the progression of an unequalled success story, which the automotive engineering developer BFFT has been involved with right from the beginning. …
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BFFT donation for flood victims

Looking back on the 2013 “flood of the century”: BFFT workforce helps flood victims with a unique fundraising event

Ingolstadt (27.06.2014) – A year ago, large areas of Europe were devastated by the “flood of the century”. The employees of automotive engineering developer BFFT stepped in to help with a unique fundraising event, in which they donated overtime worth 10,000 euros. A year after this natural disaster, it’s time to take a look at how the funds raised at BFFT helped those affected. …
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Audi driving experience center

Exciting driving experiences in Neuburg an der Donau

Ingolstadt/Neuburg an der Donau (22.05.2014) – Automotive engineering developer BFFT takes over the new “Audi driving experience center” …
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Top Engineering Employer

BFFT wins 2014 top engineer employer award

Ingolstadt (13.03.2014) – Recently honoured by FOCUS magazine as “the most popular employer in Germany”, Ingolstadt-based automotive engineering developer BFFT has now also been certified as a “Top Employer for Engineers”. …
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On expansion course: automotive engineering developer BFFT extends automotive expertise around the world

Ingolstadt (27.02.2014) – Ingolstadt-based company BFFT is evolving just as rapidly as the automotive industry: Within a year, BFFT opened offices in Regensburg, Wolfsburg, Neckarsulm and Neuburg, as well as in the USA, England and Italy. …
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Top employer BFFT: Setting new standards in architecture and sustainability

Ingolstadt (06.02.2014) – Ingolstadt-based automotive engineering developer BFFT was awarded the accolade of Germany’s best medium-sized employer in a FOCUS magazine survey in January 2014. A key factor for the top ranking was the unique quality of the BFFT headquarters. …
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Germany’s most popular employer:

BFFT ranked No. 1 medium-sized company in FOCUS ratings

Ingolstadt (28.01.2014) – Internationally established automotive engineering developers BFFT, based in Gaimersheim near Ingolstadt, came out top of the medium-sized industrial companies category of the FOCUS business magazine report and ranking of employers. …
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