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FC Ingolstadt 04
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Summerparty at BFFT Berlin
TH Deggendorf visits BFFT Regensburg
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Sponsoring FC Ingolstadt 04
BFFT at the career networking and contact exchange at technical school IN
BIXN (Bus Inteface for External Networks)
Schanzer Racing electrics rollout

Side by side since 2014: BFFT enters the new season with ERC Ingolstadt

The BFFT Fan Box (similar to the BFFT Fan Sofa at FC Ingolstadt 04) was launched at ERC Ingolstadt in January 2014. Since then, people have been enjoying the best views of ... read more


Sport meets technology: Students from the University of Bayreuth visit BFFT

Numerous colleges and universities have already visited BFFT. Until now, most of the students visiting the modern headquarters in Gaimersheim have come from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer ... read more


Donations instead of gifts: BFFT aeromotive donates to Goals for Kids e.V.

For BFFT, acting in a socially responsible manner also means using its expertise, experience and standing as a successful, growing company in Region 10* to help other people. BFFT strives to give ... read more


You couldn’t get any closer: the blue BFFT Fansofa helps to create extraordinary experiences

Whether it’s a FC Ingolstadt 04 or ERC Ingolstadt home game, or a block-buster movie in the CineStar Ingolstadt, the BFFT Fansofa has been taking contenders and employees right where the action ... read more


It can be done without the sweetheart: International attention drawn to Bavarian sponsor

For years medium-sized company BFFT from Ingolstadt has been successfully using sponsorship for corporate communication. The innovative sponsorship concept recently gained international attention on several expert platforms. Sponsorship is a matter of ... read more

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