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BFFT diagnostic tests
Combi Switch Boards
FC Ingolstadt 04
BFFT Motor Power System
Fabian Vettel's racecar
Summerparty at BFFT Berlin
TH Deggendorf visits BFFT Regensburg
Audi driving experience
Sponsoring FC Ingolstadt 04
BFFT at the career networking and contact exchange at technical school IN
BIXN (Bus Inteface for External Networks)
Schanzer Racing electrics rollout

Action sports in the Olympiapark: The BFFT Fansofa at the MUNICH MASH 2016

Even bigger, even more spectacular: At the MUNICH MASH (Munich Action Sport Heroes), from the 1st to the 3rd of July, several action sport disciplines took the breath away from over 85,000 ... read more


Employees recruit employees: BFFT & Firstbird are making sure the talent keeps coming

The skills shortage in the automotive industry is a challenge for BFFT as well. It is getting more and more difficult to find qualified young staff and to stand out from competitors ... read more


Ask the CEO! BFFT Director in dialogue with employees

CEO Markus Fichtner was introduced to “Dialogue with the Director” during a BFFT site visit in America. Whilst there, he had the opportunity to spend a day studying the US company’s Facebook ... read more


Social engineering – BFFT in the social networks

It is impossible to imagine the modern world without social media; internet use has influenced and changed it significantly in recent years. For millions of users, it is an indispensable part of ... read more


Curtain’s up, the movie is about to start: BFFT’s new Fansofa at CineStar Ingolstadt creates unforgettable cinema experiences

Sports fans, job applicants, customers and employees have been able to watch FC Ingolstadt 04 and ERC Ingolstadt’s home games from the side lines on BFFT’s Fansofa. Now the emotional concept is ... read more

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