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Job Training for your chosen employer: BFFT at the Job Fair sponsored by the School for Technology in Ingolstadt

This Friday, 19 February, the Bavaria-wide Week for Apprenticeship and Continuing Education begins. Under the motto “Apprenticeship—Take the Next Step”, inaugural events are also taking place at 15 locations in Bavaria. In ... read more


Coffee, Jobs & Super Mario Kart: BFFT at the CONTACT Ingolstadt 2015 careers fair

Last week, job seekers from the Berlin area got the chance to become more acquainted with BFFT. This week, it is the turn of students, graduates and young professionals from the Ingolstadt ... read more


Looking for a job in the automotive branche? BFFT to attend Berlin’s Connecticum career fair

This is already the fifth time that Connecticum, Berlin’s annual career and recruitment fair, will be taking place in the historic hangars of Templehof airport. It provides an opportunity for students, graduates ... read more


Bad Taste Party in club Maki in Ingolstadt

On May 21st the award show of the BFFT slot car racing tournament which was a highlight of the BFFT exhibition on the CONTACT 2013 the day before took place in the ... read more


BFFT at the VHK-Karriereforum in Munich

On behalf of recruiting new junior employees BFFT constantly participates at the most important career-fairs all over Germany. The latest place to be, was the VHK (Verein für Hochschulkontakte e.V.) career panel ... read more