Great Place to Work award
BFFT diagnostic tests
Combi Switch Boards
FC Ingolstadt 04
BFFT Motor Power System
Fabian Vettel's racecar
Summerparty at BFFT Berlin
TH Deggendorf visits BFFT Regensburg
Audi driving experience
Sponsoring FC Ingolstadt 04
BFFT at the career networking and contact exchange at technical school IN
BIXN (Bus Inteface for External Networks)
Schanzer Racing electrics rollout

BFFT goes Snapchat

Social media isn’t just a short-term hype that’s going to disappear. On the contrary, this trend is continuing to spread as a result of the increasing proliferation of the mobile Internet and ... read more


Perimeter ad 2.0: Kickoff Marketing-Seminar with the THI

BFFT doesn’t just have specialists in the fields of electronics development and automotive technology. The Department for Marketing-Communication also works hard throughout the year in order to help BFFT stand out from ... read more


Kick it like BFFT: the 2015 BFFT Indoor Cup

It’s not just in vehicle technology and electronics that BFFT is always on the ball. So it was that the first indoor football tournament organised by BFFT on 23rd October promised some ... read more


Great race in small cars – BFFT supports bobby car race in Irgertsheim

  On September 5th, about 50 participants were allowed to prove their driving skills at the 3rd run of the bobby car race in Irgertsheim (a district near Ingolstadt). Racers competed against ... read more


Ingolstadt & BFFT lace up the running shoes for the half marathon 2015

Ingolstadt City Center was totally dominated by the half marathon on 25 April 2015. Not only were there over 3,000 participants at the start of this the 15th event, thousands of spectators ... read more

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