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Sound Engineer at BFFT – Optimal Sound is the Goal

To hear music at top volume and with a booming bass at work? To make sure that drivers are getting an optimal audio experience? It’s all in a day’s work for BFFT employee Mate Tasnadi. Starting at the end of 2016, students, graduates and all those who have questions about their professional future can read about Mr. Tasnadi’s activities at automotive engineering developer BFFT via abi>>”Media” info portfolio.

These info portfolios for a total of 27 professions are available throughout Germany in the Vocational Information Centers (BiZ) of the Federal Office of Labor. They provide information about study programs and occupations – like the sound engineering profession, for example. Here, professionals like Mr. Tasnadi of BFFT describe their day-to-day work as well as occupational and personal challenges.

No need for the “sound of silence”: To read about how our sound engineer Mate provides optimal sound in vehicles, go to the excerpt for the current abi>> Info portfolio “Media”:

Download Abstract abi>> Info portfolio “9 media” from the Federal Office of Labor, 2016 (overview:

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