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Senior Telematics Test Engineer (m/f) C1367

Key Responsibilities

  • System and concept validation
  • Create and update test procedures and plans in order to efficiently perform laboratory and test drives with a focus on North American market specifications
  • Test execution and coordination. Lab and field tests
  • Communicate test contents and results to VW Group using advanced equipment and standardized systems for error reporting, prepare regular project status reports
  • Establish and maintain an error reporting database, cross-link objective quality results to other US specific test databases
  • Error and Bug-Fix verification
  • Electronics test base in US for VW Group
  • Ensure actuality and function of test setups (systems and vehicles), maintain and operate infotainment test-bench systems
  • Prepare vehicles for test drives
  • Build-up, package, and integrate new prototypes into cars
  • System and error analysis
  • Pre-analyze system behavior in error situations
  • Derive reproducibility of system malfunction
  • Cluster and categorize error patterns
  • Use state-of-the art testing, logging and analysis tools

Personal Qualities and Skills

  • Automotive electronics knowledge (1-3years exp.)
  • Embedded and integrated automotive systems, system level thinking
  • Knowledge of Backend “cloud” infrastructure, Mobile networks, App development
  • Vehicle ECU coding experience and architecture including CAN and Ethernet/networking knowledge
  • Coding experience in Linux, Apple and Windows OS environments
  • Latest consumer electronics interests, specifically mobile phones, tablets and computers
  • Ability to interpret technical specifications
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Motivated team player, with positive attitude and strong work ethic
  • Work permit is a MUST

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